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Cheese Shop Deals 5/30-6/4

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Athenos Gorgonzola Crumbles
Athenos Gorgonzola is aged 90 days to develop a sharp, savory and creamy texture that gives a rich taste to any dish. This is a wonderful addition to any salad, burger! Try it as a quick and easy compound butter for steak!
                      Regular Price: $4.99 ea.                       
Sale Price: $1.49 ea.
Athenos Blue Cheese Crumbles
Athenos Blue Cheese, aged 60 days for a more complex flavor, is crumbled and ready to be thrown into your next salad or as a nice sharp salty bite to any cream 
sauce for pasta!
                       Regular Price: $4.99 ea.                       
                                                       Sale Price: $1.49 ea.
Ile De France Camembert
The milk used to make this delightful camembert is transformed within 48 hours of milking to ensure absolute freshness. The result is an earthy, full flavored and creamy cheese that features mushroom and nutty overtones - with an extraordinary aromatic bouquet!
                        Regular Price: $7.99 ea.                        
Sale Price: $1.99 ea.


Our Vermont Special of the Week!
Plymouth Wax Bars
Plymouth Artisan Cheese creates raw whole cow's milk cheeses by hand in small batches. All of their milk comes from a dedicated herd close by in Tinmouth, Vermont. They continually monitor the herd for quality and test the milk to ensure the best dairy practices are being kept and the milk is free of hormones, additives and antibiotics. This great array of flavors is a fun way to spice up any cheese plate. Ranging from sharp cheddar to peppercorn and garlic and herb, this awesome line of cheeses is sure to impress!
Regular Price: $9.49 ea.
Sale Price: $8.49 ea.
YOU SAVE: $1.00!

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