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Cheese Shop Deals 5/22-5/28!

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Tillamook Medium Cheddar
This wonderful West coast cheese starts with fresh milk from happy healthy cows not treated with growth hormones. From the field to the factory, Tillamook cheddar is made with simple ingredients and good old fashioned elbow grease! This cheddar is aged for 60 days giving it a full flavor and a velvety smooth and creamy texture. After winning more than 550 awards, 
who's to argue with the experts?
Regular Price: $5.99 /ea.
Sale Price: Buy 1 for $2.49
Buy 2 for $4.00!

Locatelli, Pecorino Romano
Perhaps the most famous brand for Pecorino Romano in the U.S. is Locatelli. Aged for a minimum of nine months, this cheese is hard and dense; strong and sharp in flavor. Grate this cheese and serve it over pasta, soups, and salads. As a dessert, serve it chunked, drizzled with honey, and paired with ripe pears!
Regular Price: $9.99/ea.
Sale Price: Buy 1 for $2.49
Buy 2 for $4.00!

Smoked Gouda
This pasteurized cow's milk cheese has a wonderful rich and smoky beechwood flavor. This is a mild and creamy cheese with a smooth texture. Perfect for snacking or cooking. Try this great smoked gouda on a sandwich or melted on an apple pie!
Regular Price: $9.99/LB
Sale Price: $4.99/LB
Our Vermont Special of the Week!
Vermont Farmstead, Blueberry Windsordale
The Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company began as a community effort to save a local farm and its surrounding rural landscape in South Woodstock, Vermont.  In very short order, the dairy farm has been transformed into an award-winning cheese company that is creating an entirely new generation of unique farmstead and artisanal cheeses. The Blueberry Windsordale has a touch of tartness with a sweet honey aftertaste. On whole wild blueberries are added to the firm and flaky Windsordale cheese.
Reg Price: $8.49 ea.
Sale Price: $7.49 ea.
YOU SAVE: $1.00!

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