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Cheese Shop Deals 7/2-7/9!

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Celebrity Mediterranean Goat Cheese
Finely diced onions, tomatoes, garlic, and choice herbs make this a memorable favorite. Mediterranean flavor mingles with the mild tang of our rich and creamy cheese. Try it on a bagel or on your favorite bread. This cheese makes a great sandwich spread!
Reg Price: $5.99 /ea
Sale Price: $1.99 /ea
Celebrity Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese
This rich and creamy goat cheese is rolled in crushed garlic and hand-picked herbs for a zesty freshness that can only come from the garden. Whether stuffed in an olive, spread on crackers, or enjoyed alone. This cheese is sure to please!
Reg Price: $5.99 /ea
Sale Price: $1.99 /ea
Belton Farm, Oak Smoked Cheddar
This smoked cheddar is young and fairly mild, and cold-smoked over oak chips for 24 hours. There are many smoked cheeses out there, and a lot of them are flavored and colored, not actually smoked over wood. The Belton Farm cheddar, however, shows the pattern of the rack where the cheese sat in the smoke, and the smell of real wood smoke permeates the plastic wrapping.
Reg Price: $16.99/lb
Sale Price: $9.99/lb
Our Vermont Special of the Week!
Jasper Hill Creamery, Moses Sleeper
Moses Sleeper is a Jasper Hill Creamery staple, inspired by classic, French Brie. This bloomy rind cheese is approachable brie-style cheese. The paste of the cheese is gooey and buttery, with hints of crème fraîche and toasted nuts. This is a bright clean cheese that has a nose of fresh white mushrooms. This Jasper Hill original is extremely versatile. This is a wonderful addition to a vibrant cheese board or perfect for baking en croute to have as a decedent dessert! A favorite is to pair with one of Vermont's delicious Farmhouse ales, an assortment of pickles, pâte and a crunchy baguette for the perfect ploughman's platter.
Reg Price: $24.99/lb
 Sale Price: $22.99/lb

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