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Cellar Club November 2017

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Come by and pick up the amazing New York & French wines we selected for you. 
The perfect wines for Thanksgiving!
The Finger Lakes is a world-class wine producing region that specializes in aromatic white varieties like Riesling and Gewurztraminer. The region is also finding exciting success with cool-climate reds like Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. The terroir of the Finger Lakes is special because of the microclimate created by the lakes - extreme cold weather in the winter is avoided and warm, breezy days during the summer help ripen the grapes. 
As with much of the southern Rhône, Costières de Nîmes is known for its blends. The majority are red wines, accounting for 55 percent of overall production, with rosé constituting another 35 percent. Both styles require a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, which must make up 60 percent of the wines, with the remainder comprising of Carignan and Cinsault. In the summer, when the Mediterranean Sea breezes meet the warm air mass above the pebbly terraces, the convection effect is amplified, creating a wide temperature disparity between day and night-sometimes a swing of 30 degrees. The proximity to the sea is what gives the wines from this region their distinct brightness and vibrant acidity-a definitive hallmark, especially in the often very hot southern Rhône.
Enjoy these two special wines for our November 2017 Cellar Club selections. Happy Thanksgiving and Cheers!
Wine Pick #1: 
Red Tail Ridge 
Good Karma Riesling
Wife and Husband team of Nancy Irelan and Mike Schnelle are the driving force of Red Tail Ridge Winery located on the shores of Seneca Lake in New York's Finger Lakes region. Their limited production, quality over quantity approach is coupled with sustainable practices, LEED Gold Certification for the winery, and a commitment to charitable giving in the form of 10% of the profits from sales of Good Karma is donated to food banks in each state in which it's sold.
Wine Pick #2: 
Maz Caz Rouge
Winemaker Michel D'Aprix, an American producing exceptional wines in France, has recently branched out from Bordeaux and the Maz Caz wines  
are a reflection of the more relaxed vibe of the South of France.  Crazy in a good way is the gist of "Caz" and her use of organic fruit and natural yeasts,
coupled with no use of oak was, until recently, considered a bit crazy. This is serious wine; however, it doesn't take itself too seriously.
Along with your 2 bottles of wine 
you will be receiving:
Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue
One of our favorite blue cheeses! Bayley has developed a loyal following because of its fudge-like texture, toasted-nut sweetness, and anise spice character. The paste is dense and creamy, with well-distributed blue veins. The usual peppery character of blue cheese is subdued, giving way to the grassy, nutty flavors in the milk.
A perfect pairing for both wine selections and great in our tip/recipe of the month: 
How to Make the Perfect Cheese Platter for Thanksgiving! 

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