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Cellar Club December 2017

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Come by and pick up the amazing French & Italian sparkling
wines we selected for you. 
The perfect wines for a celebration!
Savoie is a wine region in the far east of France, in the mountainous areas just south of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and the border with Switzerland. The region's location and geography have very much defined its character, which is fragmented, hilly and slightly Swiss. This is evident in the fresh, crisp white wines made here, as well as in the region's wine labels; many have a white cross on a red background - the flag of both Switzerland and Savoie.
 Piemonte (Piedmont) occupies most of northwestern Italy, bordering Switzerland in the north and France in the west and almost reaching the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and largest city is Turin (Torino). Piemonte does not have the tourist draws that some other Italian regions do, but it is renowned for its scenery and fine dining. In the wine world, Piemonte is best known for the twin titans of Barolo and Barbaresco, along with other popular red wines made from Barbera and Dolcetto, the white Gavi, and sparkling Asti
Enjoy these two special wines for our December 2017 Cellar Club selections. Happy Holidays and Cheers!

Wine Pick #1: 
Domaine Eugene Carrel
Jongieux, Savoie, France
Domaine Eugene Carrel is located in the village of Jongieux, which is the largest of the 17 appellations of the Savoie region, at the beginning of the French Alps. It is situated about 40 miles southwest of Geneva, in between the Rhone River (near its start) and Lake Bourget, France's largest lake. The Jongieux vineyards are very steep, southwest facing slopes created by ancient glaciers. The altitude is between 400 and 500 meters, yet the microclimate is very warm. The clay-limestone slopes of the Jongieux appellation allow the grapes to ripen more fully than in any other Savoy regions, due to 2-3 hours more sun daily. As a result, the wines are not only fuller, but also more balanced and fresh. 
Wine Pick #2: 
Malvira Rive Gauche Spumante 
Roero, Piedmont, Italy
The Roero region is especially interesting as the land and soil has a rich and varied history. The district of Roero is approximately 350 km and contains 23 townships. The name Roero comes from the Conti-Roero family who lived in the area in the 14th century; however, the identity of the territory dates back before the year 1000. Before the year 1000 AD, the entire "Roero area" was completely covered by sea. This history gives Roera it's sandy and calcareous soil.

Malvira winery is located at the base of this 14 hectare vineyard Trinità with Villa Tiboldi located in the heart of the vineyard. The Villa was inaugurated in 2004.
The soil of this vineyard is made of layers of calcareous clay and sand. The exposition of the vineyard is south and south-west and entered the Damonte family in 1986. 
The vineyard is named for the small church which sits on top of the hill in the middle of the Trinità vineyard. 
Along with your 2 bottles of wine 
you will be receiving:
Blythedale Farms
Vermont Brie 
One of our favorites! If you are looking for the type of French or Domestic Brie that is commonly available in your local super market, this is not it. From a single, lovingly cared for herd of 40 or so Jersey Cows located in Corinth, Vermont comes the fresh, whole, slow pasteurized milk that is used to handcraft 7 oz. wheels of Vermont Brie. This soft cheese which is hand ladled at Blythedale Farm by owners, Tom and Becky Loftus is distinctive in texture and flavor. Vermont Brie is soft, mild and creamy, yet so different than mass produced brie.
A perfect pairing for both wine selections and our delicious recipe of the month: 
Raspberry Baked Brie (perfect for a party!)

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