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Cellar Club #6- January

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

New Year's Resolutions to keep:
Try new wines, new cheeses, and new food pairings and have more fun!
We've chosen to begin 2017 with a pair of
wines: one from the heart of Europe and the other from the lofty slopes of South America.
The first, an Austrian white that we found wonderfully versatile in both its palate appeal and year-round seasonality, and the second, an unexpected red from Argentina that was both a classic and novel expression of its varietal.
Wine Pick 1:
2013 Weingut Strauss Samling 88
Ripe peach and stone fruit flavors with excellent acidic structure and a full dry finish. Wonderfully unique and delicious!
Wine Pick 2:
2015 Zorzal Cabernet Franc
Smooth and rich with hints of red fruits, mushroom and sage. Pairs beautifully with meats and hard cheeses.
Along with your two bottles of wine you will be receiving Etorki Cheese,
an exquisite cheese that our Cheese Mongers chose as a perfect pairing with the Weingut Strauss!

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