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Cheese Shop Deals 4/18!

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Cheese Shop Deals!

Soignon Goat Brie
This french import is mildly sweet and unbelievably rich and creamy. So decadent it's often mistaken for a triple cream.
Reg. - $15.99/lb.
Sale Price - $6.99/lb.

Shredded Swiss
Sweet & nutty, this shredded Swiss is perfect for fondue, casseroles, omelettes, quiches, reubens, you name it!
Reg. - $9.99/lb.
Sale Price - $4.99/lb.

Montchevré Lemon Goat Cheese
A tangy, fresh Chèvre flavored with lemon zest. While great as-is on crackers, it lightens up any salad and adds a delicious creamy freshness to any tomato sauce.
Reg. - $5.25 each
Sale Price - $2.49 each

Vermont Farmstead Lillé Coulommiers
A lesser-known cousin of brie, this soft ripened cheese is rich and buttery with nutty, mushroomy notes. The salty bite from the rind contrasts its gooey, delicate interior perfectly!
Reg. - $16.99/lb.
Sale Price - $9.99/lb

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