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Cheese Shop Deals 4/4!

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Lady Laurier Brie Round, 7 oz. - 4.49 ea.
A surface-ripened cheese with an infusion of natural vanilla that gives the cheese a delightfully delicate floral bouquet. This bloomy rind soft cheese has a rich and unctuous melting texture that releases exquisite, subtle notes of sweet bread.

Alpenhaus Gourmet Fondue Mix, 16 oz. - 9.99 ea.
Combines earthy, nutty flavors with fruity sweetness into a convenient and delicious ready-to-serve package.

Smoked Gouda with Garden Herbs - $6.99/lb. 
An herby twist on a the smoked gouda we all know and love!

German Butterkäse - $7.99/lb
Butterkäse is a classic semi-soft German cheese with a mild and approachable flavor that is reminiscent of domestically-produced muenster cheese. Its smooth, creamy, open texture is complimentary to a wide variety of foods, especially when paired with crisp white wines.

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