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Cheese Shop Deals 4/11!

Posted by Jacob Dubois on

Cheese Shop Deals!

Three Little Pigs Wild Boar Paté
A unique paté of wild boar, pork & chicken is given texture and a hint of sweetness from raisins and roasted chestnuts.
Regularly 19.99/lb.
On Sale for 7.99/lb.

Rauchkäse (Bavarian Smoked Cheese)
Rich, creamy & supple with a lovely, subdued smoke flavor.
Regularly 19.40/lb.
On Sale for 7.99/lb.

Spanish Date Cake with Walnuts
With just two ingredients (dates & walnuts) this pairs wonderfully with almost any cheese; from mild, creamy bries to the sharpest cheddars.
Regularly 11.16/lb.
On Sale for 3.99/lb.

House-Made Marinated Greek Feta
Authentic Greek sheep & goat milk feta which we've marinated for three months in olive oil, herbs & garlic.
Regularly $21.99/lb.
On Sale for 9.99/lb.

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