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Vadeboncoeur French Nougat Almond Pistachio (1.4 oz)

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Didier Murat is the artisan who produces this traditional nougat, made in the time-honored tradition by cooking together fluffy egg whites, honey, roasted almonds, pistachios, and sugar in a copper cauldron, and forming the nougat in wooden molds with wafer paper lining. The result is a delicate confection, punctuated with roasted nuts and the distinctive finish of honey. Didier is proud to use 99% organic ingredients, including the honey which he sources from a local Vermont apiary. We are lucky to have such an artisan so close by who sends us small quantities in the freshest possible condition. From Ruth Reichl's Gourmet Weekly email: "...the sheer deliciousness of the nougat overwhelmed me- it was soft and chewy, nutty, not too sweet-and I compulsively took another bite. In seconds it was gone. Fortunately, Vadeboncoeur artisanal French nougat contains nothing but the best: It is handmade in Vermont from organic ingredients. If you think of nougat as the kind of candy that pulls the fillings from your teeth, this one's atypically tender texture is guaranteed to amaze you.”