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V Smiley Preserves - Strawberry Apricot Jam (2 oz)

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V Smiley Preserves makes 100% honey-sweetened preserves with an emphasis on fruit, flowers, herbs, and aromatics grown on their family farm, Lil to Do Farm, in New Haven, Vermont. One jar of preserves contains roughly one pound of fruit & the honey comes from Champlain Valley Bees and Queens in New Haven Vermont, a  beekeeping operation known for natural beekeeping, which means the bees are never sprayed with pesticides or miticides. Spread on toast, enjoy with a slice of classic Vermont cheddar, or bake into a cake and enjoy all the wonders of these preserves have to offer!
Infused with pine and spruce tips from spring growth gives this conserve a bright essence backed by organic dried sour cherries and plums. Rest assured, the pine and spruce are locally sourced from evergreens in New Haven, VT. Pair with your favorite cheese, slather on toast, or muddle into a craft cocktail or mocktail! (We’re guilty of eating it straight out of the jar!)