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La Garagista Loup d'Or 2020

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The Loup d’Or is the “golden wolf” – a mythical creature that haunts the edges of the Chatauguay forest that borders the farm. It’s also a white wine, made from the Brianna grape which counts several types of muscat and grenache blanc among its heritage grapes. It the same grape used to make the sparkling Ci Confonde Blanc, but in its still wine incarnation, it’s floral, white peach, with a textured leesy character from its time spend in glass demijohn. If we’re making comparisons (and wine people love to make comparisons… I’m no exception!), it’s like the love child of a grenache blanc and a muscadet.  But comparisons aside, this wine can stand on its own as an example of how good wine from unexpected places can be.