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Gluten Free VerMonster Wine Gift Basket

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5% OFF 6+ Units & 10% OFF 12+ Units, automatically applies!

Gluten Free VerMonster Wine Gift Basket has everything you need for a delicious, gluten free party. This gluten free gift basket brings together an assortment of gluten free treats for the friend who's always on the hunt for snacks. Our gluten free gift baskets include gluten free crackers, chocolates, pancake mix, and more!

 Basket Includes:

*All products in Gluten Free basket are naturally Gluten-Free or certified Gluten- Free. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (802) 863-0143.
**Perfect for 2-3 people
***All of our packages ship the next business day! 
****We do our best to stock each item in our packages; however, from time to time we may make an equivalent substitution based on product quality.
 *****Beer comes in 4-16oz Cans and Wine comes in 750ml bottle.