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Furlani - Sur Lie Rosso

Furlani - Sur Lie Rosso

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Red wines are not all winter sweaters—you don’t have to pack them up just because it’s summer. Sparkling reds are worth flirting with this time of year, and not just Lambrusco, which is a summer wine already known to hold court around the grill. Well-chilled sparklers of Sangiovese, Barbera, and Colorino (our favorite sparkling reds come from Italy) go down easy with bright, poppy notes of cherry and cranberry but are dry enough to complement any meat you’re throwing on the grill. And they're a lot less sweet than the sparkling reds of the ’70s that gave the genre a bad name.

“Energetic but elegant with ripe raspberry, and touches of grapefruit and white cherry blossoms”.

Furlani uses Roughly 50/50 pinot noir and chardonnay in this rosso, these wines were fermented as still base wines, aged briefly until the Spring before they were bottled with unfermented must (conserved from the harvest). Following bottle fermentation they are aged 24 months on the lees; no sulfur, no disgorgement, no dosage. Wines are fermented either in cement tanks or small glass demijohns with no temperature control, no yeast, no sulfur. To clarify the wines they are often racked into demijohns during the winter and placed outside in the snow allowing the wine to naturally settle. A beautiful natural Glou Glou for the springtime weather to come.  

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