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Champlain Valley Creamery Org. Queso Fresco (8 oz)

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Champlain Valley Creamery handcrafts certified organic award-winning cheese in Middlebury, Vermont. Carleton Yoder established Champlain ValleyCreamery in 2003. He has a graduate degree in food science and a background in wine and hard cider making. Carleton was eager to run his own business and in Vermont, with our abundance of amazing local milk, small-scale cheesemaking just made sense. Carleton is supported by a small crew that is just as dedicated to the craft as he is. 

Organic Queso Fresco is a soft Mexican-style cheese, meaning simply “fresh cheese” in Spanish.  This cheese crumbles on tacos when young and fresh, and becomes more of shredding and snacking cheese as it matures.

Organic Queso Fresco shreds and melts nicely making it a perfect topping for tacos, pizza, burritos, salads, and anywhere you use mozzarella and other fresh cheeses.