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Blue Ledge Farm Camembrie (~ 8 oz)

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Blue Ledge Farm began as a dream in Florence, Italy where Greg and Hannah met while studying the art and culture of Europe. In 2000, at the tender age of 23, the two began the work of transforming an old cow dairy farm back into production with goats. The barn which once housed seventy Holstein cows would now be home to their Alpine and LaMancha dairy goats. They began milking four goats at Blue Ledge Farm and began processing cheese two years later. 
Made with fresh Ayrshire cow's milk, this is a smooth mold-ripened Camembert/Brie hybrid! A buttery slice of bovine heaven! Goes well with a light red or white wine. A great match for any type of cured meats as well!

Blue Ledge Farm

 **Due to the nature of handmade cheeses and cut-to-order there will always be a variance in weight. We always aim to be as close to the purchase price as possible**