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Bitburger Prost Variety Pack 8pk cans

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Includes Bitburger Pilsner,Bitburger Radler, Bitburger Drive, Köstritzer Schwarzbier, and Köstritzer Pale Ale.
Bitburger Pilsner- This elegant Pilsner beer has a bright, fresh golden color and rich frothy head.
Bitburger Radler- A light, aromatic shandy with a typically dry, Pilsnertaste. It has an exceptional citrus taste and hop flavors which leaves a pleasant after-taste that strikes a dry, refreshing balance with the fruitiness.

Köstritzer Schwarzbier- A mahogany color and a lasting, cream-colored, finely poured head are the defining features of Köstritzer black lager beer. 

Köstritzer Pale Ale- A light, bitter pale ale with notes of refreshing citrus and tropical fruits balanced out by a deep hop flavor.

8-16oz Cans