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Potlicker Kitchen

Potlicker started as a food blog. It began as a creative outlet for Nancy in 2009, became a canning addiction, and evolved into a small business. 


noun \ˈpätˌlikə(r)\

  1. the tasty juices left at the bottom of a pot after something has stewed, typically with pork fat ("pot-liquor" or "potlikker") b. the cook or kitchen help who serve people and always eat last (therefore a potlicker).

see also: Living life to the fullest ie: those without wealth would "lick the pot" for all of the scraps and leftovers to get the most out of it, while if you were living in opulence you would not need to feed from the bottom.

Potlicker Kitchen specializes in beer jelly, wine jelly, unique small-batch jams, and seasonal pickles. They tap, peel, slice, forage, simmer, and hand-pour in Stowe, Vermont.



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