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Victory Cheese Box

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Join the fight for American cheese!
Join the @VictoryCheese movement! #ChooseItOrLoseIt
The past is written, but the future is at risk. We won’t let dairy farmers and cheesemakers be a casualty of this epidemic. #victorycheese

Our first collaboration with Victory Cheese to help support our cheesemaking friends & neighbors. This is a call to action for citizens to stand up for domestically-produced cheese. We love Vermont Cheesemakers!

Cheese & Wine Traders is pleased to do its part to support our local beloved cheesemakers by donating 15% of the proceeds from sales of our Victory Cheese Boxes to the Vermont Cheese Council.

Victory Cheese Box includes some of our absolute favorites:

*Great for 4-6 people. 

**All of our packages ship the next business day!
***We do our best to stock each item in our packages; however, from time to time we may make an equivalent substitution based on product quality.