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Château Cambon 2019

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Château Cambon

Grape: Gamay

Château Cambon is the joint venture to produce great, natural Beaujolais between the famed estates of Marcel Lapierre and Joseph Chamonard. In 1981, Joseph’s path would be forever changed by Jules Chauvet, a man whom many now call a spiritual godfather. Chauvet was a winemaker, a researcher, a chemist, and a viticultural prophet. It was he who, upon the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the 1950s, first spoke out for “natural wine,” harkening back to the traditional methods of the Beaujolais.

Joined by local vignerons Guy Breton, Jean-Paul Thévenet, Joseph Chamonard, and Jean Foillard, Marcel spearheaded a group that soon took up the torch of this movement. This was the group of Five. They were rebels that called for a return to the old practices of viticulture and vinification: starting with old vines, never using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, rigorously sorting to remove all but the healthiest grapes, adding minimal doses of sulfur dioxide or none at all, and disdaining chaptalization.

The Cambon wines are from a parcel planted in 1914 on a mixture of granite and chalk clay in St. Jean d’Ardieres (to the east of Brouilly next to Morgon) Cambon estate bumps against these two cru’s, but none of them are inside the delimited AOCs, therefore only Beaujolais can be produced at this estate.   

“Unfiltered, unchaptalized, unfined, unsulphured wine that is a pure expression of Gamay fruit. Behind its deep ruby color, this wine presents inviting and complex aromas of cherry, raspberry and slightly creamy blackcurrant. On the palate it is velvety and meaty, while at the same time fresh and with a lot of red fruit enhanced by a great acidity.”