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WOW WINES OF THE WEEK | 9/23-9/29!

Posted by Rose Friedlander on

Cheese Traders LOVES Boyden Valley Winery!
Riverbend Red
Grapes: Sabrevois & Syrah
A tribute to our landscape. The Boyden Valley vineyard is nestled inside a gentle curve in the Lamoille River. The steam rising off the river in late Fall and early winter warms our vines and extends our growing season. Riverbend Red is our way of saying thanks to our land - and a fitting tribute it is. This semi-dry, medium-bodied Vermont red wine is similar to a Burgundy or a Pinot Noir. It is high in tannin with a delicate bouquet of earth, cherries, red berries, and a peppery finish.
A fresh and fruity, semi-dry white table wine, similar to Riesling. Excellent as a summer wine with hints of apricot and pear.
We don't really tip cows!
As the humor in its name suggests, Cowtipper has a light and refreshing personality with a pleasant finish. Crafted from estate-grown La Crescent grapes and regionally sourced Riesling, fermented only in stainless steel, this white table wine is fruity but is semi-dry. It is a delightful summer wine, and makes a fantastic Sangria! Cowtipper's hints of apricot and pear go deliciously with chicken and seafood, grilled tuna being a favorite.
Big Barn Red
The names say it all. Vermont's signature barns make a statement, and this one is no exception. Big Barn Red is their most popular table wine. Just as the name captures the most dynamic imagery the Vermont landscape has to offer, the wine itself captures the most intense characteristics of the landscape. Made from cold hardy, estate-grown Frontenac grapes and Cabernet Sauvignon, Big Barn Red is a bold, well-balanced wine similar to a Bordeaux with high tannin and overtones of black raspberries and black currant.

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