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WOW WINES OF THE WEEK | 2/10-2/16!

Posted by Rose Friedlander on

WINES OF THE WEEK 2/10-2/17!
P.J. Valchenberg Gewürztraminer 2017
Exotic spice, yellow peach, and apricot perfume this fresh, boldly fruity sip. It's off-dry and slightly sugary on the finish. An accessible, easy-drinking wine to enjoy young.

Maison Philippe Viallet- Vin de Savoie Rouge
Grapes: 50% Mondeuse, 50% Gamay
A complex light to medium-bodied red with savory notes of blackcurrants, dried herbs & spice and a touch of peppermint.  Round and smooth on the palate We really love this easy-drinking country wine that is perfect on its own or paired with lighter chicken dishes. Highly Recommended.

Elvio Tintero- Langhe Arneis 2018
Arneis was planted in the Nebbiolo vineyards of the Barolo region where the sweet scent of ripe Arneis (the name means "little rascal") berries would attract birds and keep them away from the more valuable Nebbiolo clusters.  This is one of the most important dry whites produced by Elvio Tintero. In order to savor its characteristics, this wine should be drunk young and fresh. It is straw-colored with a full-bodied taste.
Langhe Arneis is excellent as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to white meat.

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