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WOW WINES OF THE WEEK | 12/9-12/15!

Posted by Rose Friedlander on

Orealios Gaea “R”   2018
Grape: Robola
Light color wine, with almost white shade. The nose is really cool and refreshing, with rejuvenating scents of white flowers, citrus notes, lime zest, tea leaves, and tarragon. Medium volume mouthfeel, with impressive acidity and long, highly classy aftertaste.

Château Clément Saint-Jean   2015
With its classic blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine has both generous blackberry fruits and a core of firm tannins. The new-wood aging has added spice although it is judiciously used and doesn't overwhelm, leaving plenty of space for the fruit.

Slavcek Sivi Pinot  2018
Skin- contact Pinot Grigio (Sivi Pinot)
From a family with two centuries of winemaking history in Slovenia, aged partially in acacia barrels.  Beautiful pearlescent appearance - bronze and amber hues clearly indicating maceration with the skin. On the nose, yellow apples and underripe apricots, with an underlying chalky quality. On the palate, loads of minerality and texture, yellow and white flowers, savory herbs, and hints of stone fruit.  Really lovely, affordable wine that defies the classic expectation of a Pinot Grigio. Pretty powerful but great with food - I enjoyed this with quinoa, sautéed mushroom, and fresh tomato salad. The savory qualities of both resonated well together.

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