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Wines of the Week 12/4-12/10
2015 Maison Yves Duport Fleur de Chardonnay
Ain, Bugey, France.
25+ year old vines, organically grown and a worthy rival to somewhat nearby Rully, this is top-tier Chardonnay.
Citrus, lemon, pear and stone fruits highlight this medium-bodied, impeccably balanced wine. The color is the lighter shade of gold with a telltale green tinge indicative of the crisp freshness that gives it a lovely snap.  Stainless elevation ensures forthrightness. You may have found the ONE Chard you'll love!
2015 North Hill Pinot Noir.
Willamette Valley, Oregon. 
Bill Holloran doesn't grow grapes, he grows great wine!  North Hill is what happens when nature and man truly cooperate as 2015 was a bountiful year and, Bill being Bill, you make great wine with all that abundance.  Bright ruby color, cherry, raspberry, boysenberry, it's all here with exuberant purity. Suave tannins and perfect acidity on the sublime finish. Simplicity is never simple. This drinks better than many Willamette Pinots at half their price. Outstanding!
Crotin Monferrato Bianco "Plisun."
Piedmonte, Italy.
The hills of Italy's Piedmont never allow one to forget the omnipresence of the mountains. They mark the light, air, soils and waters. This unique white reflects this in delivering crisp refreshment and an enlivening spirit.  Plisun is made from organically farmed 100% Bussanello, an all but forgotten varietal derived from a cross of Riesling and Furmint. This white showcases the dry aspects possible with these often, fruity grapes. The marine-rich soils (note the fossilized shell on the label) also impart a minerality that furthers the crisp, clean palate. Truly, the folks at Crotin are on it.

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