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Cellar Club March 2018

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This month Cellar Club members will receive an exclusive taste of two FAVORITE wines from our annual sale! Don't miss out 3/23-4/1/2018 for 100+ wines on sale, PLUS tons of cheese deals (literally), Gourmet Foods, Maple Syrup and MUCH MORE! 
Come by and pick up the amazing Spanish & Austrian wines we selected for you.
Gigondas is a village in the southern Rhone valley, with its own appellation for Grenache-based red and rosé wines. The appellation occupies an area covering the base and slopes of the first Dentelles de Montmirail foothills. 
The villages of Beaumes de Venise and Vacqueyras are located to the south and west of Gigondas respectively and enjoy very similar growing conditions. The terroir here is characterized by a hot, dry Mediterranean climate and by the combination of limestone soils (on the slopes to the east) and rocky, sandy, free-draining soils (on the flatter, lower-lying land to the north and west).

Wagram (formerly Donauland) is a viticultural region on the banks of the Danube River in northeastern Austria. The growing conditions are ideal for the country's iconic Grüner Veltliner, which produces rich and full-bodied white wines with a characteristic creamy texture. The other prominent white variety in Wagram is Roter Veltliner, and the main red wines are made from Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. The region is also known for some quality ice wines.

Enjoy these two special wines for our February 2018 Cellar Club selections. Cheers!
Wine Pick #1:
2009 Buil & Giné 
Joan Giné Priorat Tinto 
Priorat, Catalonia, Spain
Comprised of craggy, deeply terraced tiny vineyards, Priorat is a Catalan wine producing region that was all but forgotten until the early 1990s. Its steep slopes of llicorella (brown and black shale) and quartzite soils, painfully dry conditions and abundant sunlight all contribute to low yield vines with fruit of unique character. Indeed, similar red wine blends are produced elsewhere, but the mineral essence and concentration of Priorat wine is unmistakable.
Wine Pick #2: 
2015 Château La Roque
Languedoc Blanc
Languedoc-Roussillon, France
The picturesque surroundings of Château La Roque remain largely unchanged since the Romans first planted vines here. Benedictine monks created the vaulted-ceiling cellars which still house bottles today. South-southwest exposure, clay limestone soils and the ubiquitous Garrigue, an aromatic scrub brush of the south of France, are the building blocks for winemaker Cyriaque Rozier, as he employs Biodynamic practices that underlay a commitment to a pure expression of this unique terroir.

Along with your 2 bottles of wine 
you will be receiving:
Manchego Añejo
Manchego-the sheep's-milk poster cheese of Spanish cuisine-really is the ideal culinary ambassador, as representative of Spanish culture as Parmigiano-Reggiano is of Italian or Roquefort is of French. Manchego is a DOP protected cheese, meaning the traditional recipe must use 100% Manchego sheep's milk. The patterned rind is a nod to the grass baskets previously used to form the cheese. Manchego develops a rich nuttiness and a pleasant sharpness after over a year of aging. It has a sweet, lingering flavor that we just happen to love with wine from Priorat.
A perfect pairing for both wine selections and the perfect starter to our delicious recipe of the month: 
Roasted Chicken in Milk
(perfect for friends and cold weather (almost spring)!)

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