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Cellar Club #1- August

Cellar Club #1- August
J'adore l'ete
(I love summer)

Welcome to the Cellar Club at Cheese & Wine Traders!

We're very excited to have you along as we explore the vast world of wine. There is, perhaps, no greater creation that has so rich an appeal as this vinous beverage!

This month's selections celebrate our all-too-brief summer season. A fantastic white and red for all the outdoor activities (&inactivities) going on this month.
Wine Pick 1: 2013 Domaine Emile Balland

Our red wine pick this month has aromatic hints of white pepper, chalk and fresh red fruit, this is an elegant, nimble,but not slight wine.

Wine Pick 2: 2015 Meyer-Fonne Edelzwicker

As for the white? A medium-bodied, organically farmed blend. It has rich aromatics and a silky texture, with pleasing
fruit and crisp acidity.
Along with your two bottles of wine you will be receiving Le Châtelain Camembert,
an exquisite cheese that our Cheese Mongers chose as the perfect pairing!

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Cellar Club #2- September

Cellar Club #2- September


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