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Very Best Deals of the Week 4/3-4/9!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

*Newly Discounted*
Pretzel Perfection
Chipotle BBQ Pretzel Sticks
3 oz
WAS $.99
NOW $.49

*Newly Discounted*
Goya Crackers
12 oz
WAS $1.99
NOW $.99
Buy 2 for $1.50

*Newly Discounted*
Soy Vay
Thai Style Peanut Snacks
5 oz
WAS $2.49
NOW $1.99

*Newly Discounted*
Illy Iced Coffee Drink
4-6.8 fl oz Cans
WAS $2.99
NOW $2.49

*Newly Discounted*
St. Michel Caramel Butter Biscuits
3.52 oz
WAS $2.49
NOW $1.99

*Newly Discounted*
Newman's Own Vanilla Alphabet Cookies
7 oz
WAS $2.49
NOW $1.99

*Newly Discounted*
Hemp Heart Apple Cinnamon Bars
1.6 oz
WAS $.99
NOW $.49 Each

*Newly Discounted*
Pure Organic Banana Coconut Bars
1.7 oz
WAS $.99
NOW $.49 Each

Red Jacket Apple Cider
Unfiltered, Cold Pressed and All Natural
12 fl oz

Yucatan Guacamole
16 oz

Organic Nancy's Whole Milk Plain Yogurt
64 oz

Bob's Red Mill Organic
Steel Cut Oats
24 oz

Barnana Super Potassium Snacks
Organic Coffee & Organic Apple Cinnamon
Chewy Banana Bites
3.5 oz
$2.99 Each

Osem Israeli Pearl Couscous
5 LBS!

Ancient Harvest
Pow! Gluten-Free Pasta Meals
9.3 oz

John Wm. Macy's Dijon Swiss Cheesesticks
4 oz

Texas Best Organic Rices
Long Grain White Rice & Brown Jasmine Rice
32 oz
$1.99 Each


Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

Organic High Protein Apple Granola


Dell'Amore Premium Marinara Sauces
Romana, Spicy Recipe, Original Recipe and Sweet Basil & Garlic
Some of the best jarred sauces out there!
Why are they so good?
The Dell'Amore Sauce collection does an amazing job of blending all of our favorite components of a good hearty tomato sauce. Looks good, smells good and tastes AMAZING! Pick up your favorite pasta at Cheese Traders and break some bread!
25 oz
$6.99 Each

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