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WOW WINES OF THE WEEK | 6/24-6/30!

Posted by Rose Friedlander on

WINES OF THE WEEK GARAGE SALE GEMS! Forty Ounce Rosé 2017Don't let the kitschy package fool you, this is a pretty serious rosé with a vibrant pink hue laced with gorgeous flavors of white cherries and strawberries with a hint of marjoram. The palate is full for a rosé and keeps on going. This is a terrific wine for just hanging out with friends and having a little nosh of roasted root vegetables and grilled meats.Originally $14.99    Now $9.99 Save $5 Forty Ounce Gamay 2016This cuvée is a Gamay from Gaillac in Southwest France. The Gamay preserves a nice...

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