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Deals of the Week — BBQ

VB DEALS OF THE WEEK | 11/9-11/15!

Posted by Rylee Shepherd on

THE VERY BEST DEALS OF THE WEEK 11/9-11/15/20 Want to download or print this  Deals of the Week flyer? CLICK HERE Want to shop from home? Click here for more gourmet foods on sale!! Tera's Org. Coconut Protein Blend 14.8oz Vanilla  $14.99 Baby Mum-Mum Org. Sweet Potato & Carrot Rice Rusks 1.76oz (24 Rusks)  $1.99 Good Day Chocolate Multi-Vitamin Supplements for Kids (8 Pieces) Milk Chocolate $1.99 365 Parmesan & Garlic Pita Crackers 5oz $2.99 Pamela's Gluten-Free Vegan Mac 10oz $3.99 Wilde Chips Gluten-Free Chicken Chips 2.25oz Chicken & Waffles Flavors  $1.79 Lillie's Gold South Carolina Mustard Barbeque Sauce 20oz $4.99 Fritt...

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