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Deals of the Week 4/24-4/30!

Deals of the Week 4/24-4/30!
Very Best Deals of the Week
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein
Mixed Berry Flavor
11 oz

Annie's Cookie Mixes
Organic Sugar Cookie & Organic Chocolate Chip
15.4 oz

Manischewitz Mediterranean Classics
Herb & Seasoned Vegetable Couscous
5.7 oz

Newman's Own Cranberries
Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free and Tree-Nut Free
6-1oz Boxes

Back to Nature 100% Apple Juice
8-6 fl oz Pouches

Mi-Del Gingerbread Men
Gluten-Free & Peanut-Free
6 oz

Garden of Eatin'
Yellow Corn Taco Shells
12 Gluten-Free Taco Shells
5.5 oz

The Good Table
Freezer to Plate
Lemon Garlic Herb Cavatappi Pasta and Sauce
*Just Add Frozen Chicken
10.2 oz

Van's Simply Delicious
Country Ranch Gluten-Free Baked Crackers
5 oz

Third Street Unsweetened Green Tea
Organic, Fair Trade & Non-GMO
14 fl oz

Siggi's Drinkable Yogurt
Blueberry & Vanilla
8 fl oz

*Newly Discounted*
Annie's Homegrown Cookie Bites Variety Pack
10 Pouches- 10.5 oz
WAS $2.49
NOW $1.99

*Newly Discounted*
Woodstock MiniMe's
Organic Rice Bites
Dipped in Delicious Milk Chocolate
2.1 oz
WAS $1.49
NOW $.99

*Newly Discounted*
KAME Korean Barbecue Rice Crackers
3.5 oz
WAS $1.99
NOW $.99



Blueberry Jelly Beans

Textured Veggie Protein

White Rice Flour


We have always loved King Arthur Flour products at Cheese Traders, recently we decided to add a few more to our lineup! Simple ingredients with nothing artificial.
Sour Cream Coffee Cake Mix... $6.99
Cloud 9 Pancake Mix...$6.99
Everyone's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix...$6.99
Cinnamon Sugar Puff Muffin Mix...$6.99
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Bar Mix...$8.99
Lemon Bar Mix...$6.99

Make sure to check out our Baking Shelves to see more of our new products coming in!

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