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It's time for our last big sale of the year! Our Anniversary Sale begins on October 11th and runs through October 20th. It's the perfect time to restock the wine cellar before you have holiday parties! It's also a great opportunity to buy gifts or treat yourself.

As a special reward to Cellar Club members, we've grabbed two delights for you to enjoy as a little preview of what will be on sale. 
Thank you for being a member of The Cellar Club!
Wine Pick #1:
2016 Ladera Sagrada Papa Godello
Valdeorras, Galicia, Spain
The steeply pitched vineyards of Ladera Sagrada represent the largest holdings in the Valdeorras DO with many vines 30+ years of age. All estate fruit, organically grown, hand-harvested and sorted, this superb wine conveys the geography of its origin. Godello, a grape that can communicate more than fruit and possessing the ability to age like Burgundian Chardonnays, gives aromas of rosemary, thyme, and oregano underscored by a firm, mineral character. Slow fermentation-no malolactic, 12 hours of skin contact, natural yeasts and aging in stainless tanks showcase the true nature of the fruit and its setting.
Wine Pick #2: 
2016 Alazan Pinot Noir
Casablanca Valley, Chile
Kingston Family Vineyards is a boutique winery located on the farm that has been in the family for a century. They believe making wine is a journey and has evolved significantly over the 14 years since their first vintage.
The 2016 Alazan is one of the least extracted but most fruit-rich and energetic Alazans to date. Total production was less than 4500 bottles and represents the winery's top Pinot Noir. A top pick of Somms and collectors alike, the wine follows the tradition of founder Peter Kingston in being named for one of his beloved horses, burgundy-colored Alazan. 
Cablanca Goat Gouda
An impressive import from The Netherlands that's made from 100% pure, pasteurized goat's milk, this cheese has a firm form and rich, creamy texture. You'll notice a delicate, citrusy "tang", but the taste is milder and sweeter than cheese made from unpasteurized milk. This goat gouda is exceptionally versatile as it is great on pizzas, in a salad, or even on its own.
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