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BOW BEERS OF THE WEEK | 5/20-5/26!

Posted by Rose Friedlander on

BEERS OF THE WEEK 5/20-5/26!

Highlighted this week are two Pét-Nat ciders from Vermont. Pét-Nat wines and ciders have been getting more attention in the beverage industry as of late. In case anyone does not know, Pét-Nat is short for Pétillant Naturel and is a method of wine(or in this case cider) making that works by bottling the wine when it is only partway through fermentation. Come on down the cellar to check out our growing selection of these interesting wines and ciders!
Eden Pét Gnat
Made from 5 different high-acid apples grown at Scott Farm in Dummerston, VT, this naturally-sparkling gem is bright, lively, fruity, and eminently drinkable. 
$19.99 750ml Bottle
Shacksbury Pét-Nat Rosé
Aged on Cab Franc grape skins from Lo-Fi Wines in Los Angeles California and made with New England Apples. 
$13.99 750ml Bottle

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