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BOW BEERS OF THE WEEK | 10/21-10/27!

Posted by Rose Friedlander on

With the foliage in full display, Vermonters have been welcoming out of state visitors to our beautiful state. We have welcomed some out of state IPAs this week too, one west coast and one Maine made brew. Enjoy the nice fall weather with some delicious beer!

Lagunitas Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday is a newborn version of our re-born Pale, a Newer New Dogtown Pale with a fresh addition ... Lagunitas added some wet, lupulin-drenched, un-kilned, whole-cone, fresh-picked-and-rushed-straight-from-Yakima hops for your immaculate reception. This Un-Freakin-Filtered, wetter-than-wet beer has 11lbs-per-barrel of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Indigenous Catawampus.
$11.49 6-12oz Cans

Lone Pine Brewery Chaos Emerald
A Galaxy and Mosaic hopped Double IPA packed with a citrus aroma and bright notes of tropical melon, watermelon, and lime. Chaos finishes with a candied mango and a soft mouthfeel.
$15.99 4-16oz Cans 

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