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BEERS OF THE WEEK | 9/21-9/27!

Posted by Rylee Shepherd on

Featured this week are a classic Vermont beer and a beer that we hope will be considered a Vermont classic in the years to come! Rock Art is one of the founders of the Vermont craft beer scene. Hermit Thrush has been making exciting and unique sours since 2014. Together they
represent how far the beer industry has come in Vermont and how it will look like in the future.
Hermit Thrush Party Guy Sour
This 3% crusher is lemony with notes of strawberry and is brewed using the centuries-old “parti-gyle” method, in which two brews are drawn from a single mash. Because Party Guy is the subsequent wort runnings of a higher ABV beer, it packs a stunningly large amount of flavor and mouthfeel, passing through twice as much flavorful grain than would a
typical 3% ABV beer. Souring this with native lactobacilli gives it a lot of fruitiness.
$10.99 4-16oz Cans

Rock Art Ridge Runner Bold Vermont Ale
Ridge Runner is to malts what a double IPA is to hops. The beer is very smooth-drinking with a prominent caramel flavor from the malts and a distinct brown color. Formerly considered a lower alcohol Barley Wine, it’s 7.2% ABV fell behind the Barley Wine standards as ABV’s steadily rose over the past two decades, and this is now called a Bold
Vermont Ale.
$9.99 4-16oz Cans

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