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BEERS OF THE WEEK | 8/31-9/6!

Posted by Rylee Shepherd on

We are starting Vermont month off strong with the style that made
Vermont beer famous. These two IPAs are showcasing why people from all
over the world want to come to Vermont to take home our beer!

Zero Gravity Jelly Shoes
This double IPA brings big tropical flavor, and a little bit of summer
nostalgia. Hop varietal HBC 692 provides pineapple and papaya notes, with a hint of citrus. The tropical palate is matched by a bold, hoppy aroma.
$12.99 4-16oz Cans

Lawson's Finest Liquids Hopzilla
Hopzilla is a monster of an IPA that will make you pucker up! Loaded
with high-alpha U.S. grown hops, this brawny dry-hopped ale will
terrorize your taste buds, yet has enough malt backbone to balance a
fierce bitterness.
$14.49 4-16oz Cans

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