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BEERS OF THE WEEK | 12/7-12/13!

Posted by Rylee Shepherd on

Two German classics are featured this week. Come in and try some classic styles from the cradle of modern beer civilization!
Köstritzer Schwarzbier  
Toasted bitter flavor with bittersweet herbs. A gentle tingle balances with an elegant and intensely aromatic freshness. Finishes with delicate bitter notes and a malty sweetness on the palate.
$5.99 4-16oz Cans
Ritterguts Gose
Brewed in the old-fashioned, original way, using genuine Gose yeast, coriander, and salt. Ritterguts Gose's refreshing characteristics are developed through a secondary lactic fermentation, which produces a round and harmonious acidity. Its rare, classic open fermentation and long, cold maturation make it exceptionally well-balanced, the way a real Gose was meant to be. Enjoy a taste of the finest Leipzig tradition! 
$5.99 16oz bottle

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