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Danesland, Danish Blue
Danablu (Danish Blue) is a semi-soft blue veined cheese, made from cow's milk. A product of Denmark, it has both a creamy and crumbly texture. The ageing process lasts 8-12 months giving Danish Blue its' sharp and salty in taste with low butterfat. We suggest making a home made blue cheese dressing or simply enjoying with crackers and a nice cabernet! 
Reg Price: $7.99/ea
Sale Price: $3.99 /ea

Alouette, Le Petite Fromage
Parmesan and Basil
Whether you are in a hurry packing lunch or having a quiet evening at home on the couch, Le Petite Fromage from Alouette is a great snack! These perfectly portioned little Parmesan and Basil cheese spreads are a huge hit with everyone. Enjoy on sandwiches, mixed into warm potato salad, or on crackers! These little packages will make a big impression!
Reg Price: $4.99/ea
Sale Price: $1.99/ea

Gourmandise with Walnuts
Made from cow's milk, this spreadable cheese is a unique blend of aged cheeses (Gruyere and Cheddar), and cream. It is flavored with walnut and is excellent with pears and other fruits, or even accompanied by blue cheeses. Gourmandise is most commonly served as dessert cheese; a true delicacy especially when served with dessert wines like Sherry or Port or well chilled champagne. 
Reg Price: $8.99/ea
Sale Price: $3.99/ea

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