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Cheese Shop Specials 8/28-9/3!
Couer de Lion
This wonderful French brie hailing from Normandy is a real crowd pleaser. With a beautiful soft bloomy rind, the paste of the cheese is balanced and creamy. The deep buttery notes pair well with an equally buttery chardonnay and poached pears for a decadent dessert!
Reg Price: $16.99 /lb
Sale Price: $8.99 /lb

Yellow Wax Gouda
In Holland, nothing expresses the joys of summer more than fields filled with green grasses. A young Dutch cheese made in the Gouda style - which uses only the milk from happy grass fed cows, is the perfect way to celebrate this vibrant time of year! With a high cream content this cheese is rich and creamy with just a hint of salty and sweet!
Reg Price: $14.99 /lb
Sale Price: $7.99 /lb
Kolios Authentic Organic Feta 7oz
Kolios authentic Greek Feta is a real treat! This pasteurized sheep's milk cheese is matured in brine allowing for the natural aroma of Mediterranean grasses that the sheep eat to shine. Enjoy this on a sandwich with fresh summer tomatoes, a traditional Greek salad or make a summer grilled watermelon salad with salty feta on top!
Reg Price: $9.99 /ea
Sale Price: $4.99 /ea

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