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Cheese Shop Specials 7/10-7/16!

Posted by Nick Savasta on

Cheese Shop Deals of the Week 7/10-7/16!

Stella Shredded Parmesan
Stella Parmesan cheese is a domestically produced version of this classic that features the same subtle, slightly nutty flavor and hard texture. Over ten months of aging gives Stella Parmesan its distinctive flavor that perfectly complements and enhances dishes like pasta, salads and grilled vegetables.
Reg Price: $19.99/lb
Sale Price: $6.99/lb
SAVE: $13/LB!
The Cultured Way, Chipotle Yogurt Cheese
A mouth watering combination of smoky chipotle peppers and creamy texture, Cultured Way Yogurt Cheese makes for a truly festive eating experience. Bursting with a spicy kick, this cheese is perfect melted in a bean dip, snacking with crackers or tossed into a Southwestern style pasta salad! 
Reg Price: $6.99/ea
Sale Price: $2.99/ea
SAVE: $4/ea!
Saint Agur, Spreadable Blue Cheese
A wonderful spreadable blue cheese with real blue cheese crumbles. This creme has a number of uses from dips and snacking to picnics and cooking. The resealable tub keeps the product fresh and can even be placed in the microwave to heat is up (delicious on baked potatoes and pasta)!
Reg Price: $5.99/ea
Sale Price: $2.99/ea
SAVE: $3/ea!
Our Vermont Special of the Week!
Shelburne Farms Smoked Smoked Cheddar 1LB
Shelburne Farms cheese is made entirely by hand. They emphasize quality, not quantity. We produce the highest quality dairy product with no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. Since 1990, Shelburne Farms Farmhouse Cheddar has consistently won awards for excellence from the American Cheese Society. This is the perfect companion for a hike in the woods and pairs perfectly with smoked meats and dried fruit.
Reg price: $18.99/ea
Sale price: $16.99/ea
SAVE $2/ea!

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