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Doux de Montagne 
Creamy French Mountain Cheese ~8oz
Ripened in the age-old tradition, Doux de Montagne originates from the Monts du Velay region of France. Its name, word by word, means "soft" or "smooth (doux)" and mountain (montagne). It is a delightful cheese, and matches well with ales, light sparkling wines, and champagne. Try it sliced on a sandwich, or as part of a cheese platter. It's also great as a snack before or after dinner.
Reg Price: $9.99/ea
Sale Price: $4.99/ea 
Ilchester Beer Cheese
In the early 1960s, it was discovered that adding beer to cheese helped to preserve it, as well as making it taste rather good. Ilchester® brand's Beer Cheese features a flavorful combination of extra strong ale and a secret blend of spices that are added to mature Somerset Cheddar. This cheese is perfect for snacking and absolutely mouth-watering when sliced and melted over fresh-from-the-oven beer bread. And, it goes down perfectly with a glass of beer on the side!  
Reg Price: $15.99/lb
Sale Price: $7.99/lb

Soft Cooking Parmesan
Back by popular demand, cooking Parmesan is in the house! With a similar texture to cream cheese this is a salty, must have addition to any home made sauce. Great for an herb Parmesan base for pizza or a pungent Alfredo sauce for pasta. The possibilities are endless!
Reg Price: $10.99/lb
Sale Price: $5.99/lb

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