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Cheese Shop Deals of the Week 12/5-12/11!

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Shy Brothers Farm
Classic Hannahbells
These thimble-sized bites of soft-ripened cheese are full to the brim with flavor and style.
Top with a drop of honey for a special treat!
Regular Price- $8.99
Sale- $1.99!

One of the nobler Swiss cheeses with a documented history over 700 years. Appenzeller has a nutty, rich flavor very similar to Gruyere and is often favored over even Gruyere in the making of fondue. Its flavor is also slightly herbal due to the trade secret herbal brine added and
removed during the aging process.
Regular Price- $22.99/lb
Sale $14.99/lb!

St. Agur
Perhaps one of the softest, most spreadable and meltable blue cheeses, is a double-cream blue from Auvergne, France, often compared to fine Roquefort in flavor, though it is less salty and softer still.
Regular Price- $25/lb
Sale $15.49/lb!

Our Custom Cut
Special of the Week!

Boston Post, Gisele
This hard, raw, Cow and Goat blended milk cheese from Southern Vermont is washed with mulled apple cider and the flavor of the cheese reflects the wash very well, which can lead to a lot of surprised and ecstatic expressions on the faces of those who have just tried it, almost like they've just seen a magic trick.
Regular $18.99/lb
Sale Price $16.99/lb
You Save $2.00!

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