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Cheese Shop Deals 9/26-10/2

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Landana Chili Pepper Gouda
 Made with a spicy combination of mild gouda and fiery chili peppers, this cheese is sure to add zest to any dish. Smooth with just the right amount of kick! Chili Pepper Gouda will bring a rich, spicy flavor to hot and cold sandwiches or melted over Mexican dishes. 
Wash it all down with a light, crisp lager.
Reg. - $6.99 each
Sale Price - $3.99 each

King's Choice Blue Stilton
 Blue Stilton Cheese is full, rich and wonderfully creamy! This unique cheese can only be made in three UK counties (Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire) and carries the distinction of being recognized as the "King of English Cheeses." The beautiful blue veining throughout this cheese makes it a stunning addition to a cheese platter paired with walnuts and fresh fruits. Try pairing it with Tawny Port, a sweet dessert wine or a robust, 
full-bodied Shiraz.
Reg. - $7.99 each
Sale Price - $4.99 each

Havarti with Dill
Havarti Cheese with Dill combines the rich and buttery flavor of Havarti with the slightly tangy, bitter cooling flavor of fresh dill! The sophisticated layering of supple, milky flavors with the intensity of dill creates a well-rounded cheese that shines on sandwiches and cheese boards.Wrap Havarti with Dill in a puff pastry, bake to melt and serve with a deep Bordeaux wine for a full-flavored treat at your next party.
Reg. - $7.99/lb
Sale Price - $3.99/lb
Our Custom Cut 
of the Week!
Boston Post
Eleven Brothers
Boston Post Dairy is a Family owned and operated farm located in Enosburg Falls Vermont named after the Old Boston Post Stagecoach Road which runs directly through the property. The farm, colloquially nicknamed the "Girls Farm", is run by Robert and Gisele Gervais and their four daughters.  It is also home to 75 dairy goats and 80 dairy cows (and 20 chicken and rabbits and cats and...)

Eleven Brothers is a goat's milk tomme with a washed rind, aged 4-6 months. The paracoat rind is a burnt orange color, opening to reveal an ivory paste, lightly eyed and smooth-textured, slightly bulging as it warms. Flavors are mild, buttery and nutty with grassy hints and a bit of tang. Eleven Brothers has taken home ribbons from the American Cheese Society competition, as have several other of their cheeses, including the Très Bonne Gouda-style, the Gisele mixed-milk cheese (which we also happen to carry...).  Amazing with a Glass of Beaujolais. Gamay's gentle berry fruits and supple structure balance the cheese's mellow tang and earthy, grazed-in-the-wilderness freshness.
Reg. $19.99/LB
Sale Price $17.99/LB 
You Save $2.00 off per pound! 

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