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Cheese Shop Deals 9/12-9/18!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Cheese Shop Deals 9/12-9/18
Cantorel Brie
This mild and creamy classic French style brie has an especially smooth texture and delicate finish; the ideal choice for either a cheeseboard or culinary use. Try pairing with a buttery Chardonnay or Light, fruity Pinot Noir.
Reg - $12.99/lb.
Sale Price - $5.99/lb.
Jeff's Select Cave Aged Gouda
Unlike typical Goudas which are aged in cold temperatures, Jeff's Select has been aged in a warm, humid cheese cave. The result is a full-bodied Gouda with a classic European nuttiness, a hint of caramel & just a touch of funky earthiness. Its annatto-rubbed rind gives it its vibrant orange color.  Pair with a Tempranillo, Zinfandel or other juicy, berry-driven red.
Reg. - $14.99/lb.
Sale Price - $8.99/lb.
Verdant Grass-Fed Blue
Verdant owes its unique flavor to lush pasture grazing. Handmade and aged for 100+ days, this blue is deliciously piquant, spicy, creamy, and well, grassy (of course). Delicious by itself.  Amazing paired with a sweet, young Sauternes.
Reg. - $13.99/lb.
Sale Price - $8.99/lb.
Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!
Slyboro by Consider Bardwell Farm
Spanning the rolling hills of Vermont's Champlain Valley and easternmost Washington County, New York, 300-acre Consider Bardwell Farm was the first cheese-making co-op in Vermont, founded in 1864 by Consider Stebbins Bardwell himself.  To this day, their herds still happily graze on pesticide and fertilizer-free pastures to produce deliciously sweet milk that is also antibiotic and 
hormone- free. 

Slyboro is a raw goat milk cheese washed in hard cider from Bardwell's neighbors across the border at Slyboro Cider House in Granville, NY.  Aged just about two months, Slyboro has a soft, creamy texture with a sweet, grassy, gently goaty flavor with just a hint of apple lingering on the rind.
Reg. $27.99
Sale Price $23.99 
You Save $4.00 off per pound! 

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