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Bertozzi, Grated Parmigiano Reggiano
Cooking a big Italian meal can be very time consuming, and sometimes you can't spare one more second to grate cheese for a creamy
risotto or a Cacio e Pepe. The Bertozzi company has done all the work for you, making dinner time prep a little bit easier so you can enjoy with the family! Thanks Bertozzi!
Reg Price:$9.99 /ea
Sale Price: $5.99 /ea
Grafton Village, Smoked Chili
This wonderful smoked chili cheddar is the perfect marriage of heat and smoke. A spicy combination of habanero, jalapeno and pasilla pepper give this creamy cheddar a real kick! They then lightly smoke the cheese over maple wood chips. Great for burgers or a new spin on nachos!
Reg Price: $5.99 /ea
Sale Price: $4.49 /ea
5oz Bar
A mild, semisoft, part skim cheese made from cow's milk. Jarlsberg is famous around the world for its signature sweet and nutty taste. This is an extremely versatile cheese. Whether you buy it as a staple in sandwiches, salads or a tasty snack this is to be eaten up. A favorite here a Cheese Traders is to use it as a substitute for Emmentaler in fondue or as a melty topping for your burgers with caramelized onions!
Reg Price: $4.99 ea
Sale Price: $2.99 ea
Our Vermont Special of the Week!
Lake's Edge, Blue Ledge Farm
Blue Ledge Farm started when Hannah and Greg met in Florence Italy while studying. Not long after, in 2000 they began the immense undertaking of converting a cow barn into a production goat facility. Today they milk over 100 goats and produce 11 different cheeses. Probably the most popular cheese made at Blue Ledge is the Lake's Edge. A striking cheese with a vein of ash running through the center. This beautiful cheese is aged only 3 weeks and has a wonderful fluffy bloomy rind. You can really taste the hard work that goes into caring for these goats. With a hint of sweetness and a touch of tang, 
Lakes Edge is a true show stopper!
Reg Price: $24.99 /lb
Sale Price: $22.99 /lb

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