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Cheese Shop Deals 8/1-8/7!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Cheese Shop Deals of the Week !
Silvery Moon Creamery - Rosemary's Waltz
An American Cheese Society medal winner, this fresh cow's milk cheese is coated in dried rosemary and a scattering of juniper berries, both enhanced by the cheese's bright acidity. Its sharp tang and dry texture make it similar to a feta. Try it crumbled onto a salad or pasta. It also makes an outstanding surprise ingredient in stuffed peppers! Delicious with a light Pinot Noir or Beaujolais.
Reg. - $15.99/lb.
Sale price - $6.99/lb.

Creminelli - Sliced Felino & Manchego
Perfect for a person on the go, these packs of pre-sliced Manchego (Spanish sheep's milk cheese), and Felino (salami with notes of pepper and nutmeg), solve that age-old afternoon snacking quandary. If it's THAT kind of afternoon, try it with a lively dry Temperanillo or a malty brown ale.
Reg. - $4.99 ea.
Sale Price - $1.99 ea.

Italian Bra Duro
Bra Duro comes from the town of Bra in Cuneo in the Piedmont region of Italy.  Aged a minimum of 18 months, this hard cheese is made from raw cow, sheep and goat's milk. This cheese is savory, salty, full-flavored and pungent, with concentrated flavors of nuts, herbs and hay.  For the full Italian experience, pair it with a big, bossy Barolo.
Reg. - $25.99/lb.
Sale Price - $7.99/lb.
Our Custom Cut 
of the Week!

Blue Ledge Farms
Middlebury Blue

Blue Ledge affectionately calls this their "town and gown" cheese, the creamy, milder interior contained within a crusty exterior. Middlebury Blue is one of their ventures into the world of cow's milk cheeses, the raw milk for the cheese coming from the Ayrshire cows of the Crawford Family farm in nearby Whiting.
The paste on the Middlebury Blue is soft and cakey, becoming almost cheddar-like toward the rind.
Its flavor is complex with a good balance of salty and sweet. The rind is a little bit sour with barnyard, caramel and wet hay notes, which are nicely contrasted with the milky, creamy interior, 
and the slight peppery, briny bite of the surprisingly subtle blue. Absolutely stunning beside a sweet Reisling, buttery Chardonnay or a hoppy IPA.
Reg. 16.49/lb
Sale Price $14.99/lb
You Save $1.50

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