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Cheese Shop Deals 7/18-7/24!

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Cheese Shop Deals 
Castello Slices
 Either the Mature Cheddar with it's sharp, buttery taste and citrusy undertones or the Blue with it's balanced sweet & salty notes, Castello Slices are perfect for the gourmet burger or sandwich!
Reg. - $7.49 each
Sale Price - $4.99 each
  Fresh Goat Cheese- Blueberry Vanilla 
Fresh Chèvre coated in real wild blueberries & just a note of pure vanilla resulting in a dessert that is convincingly fruit-kissed and flavorful without being candylike; the blueberry layer playing nicely off of the tangy bite of the goat cheese beneath. So tasty that it won a Blue Ribbon at the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest. 
Reg. - $3.99 each
Sale Price - $2.49

Colston Basset Stilton 
Colston Bassett is one of the smallest dairies in the United Kingdom. They make their pasteurized cow's milk Stilton the traditional way using hand-ladled curd and animal rennet. Thus, the texture is more luscious, creamy and full-bodied and the flavor, more complex and deeper than any other cheese produced with vegetable rennet. Colston Bassett Stilton is earthy and lactic with a rich, buttery balance and spicy blue veining throughout.

Reg. - $30.99/lb.
Sale Price - $11.99
Our Custom Cut 
of the Week!

Alpha Tolman 
Alpha Tolman is named for a philanthropic dairy farmer who built the Greensboro library in 1900. Alpha's grandfather, Enoch, was one of our town's original settlers. His namesake cheese is made in a satellite creamery, located within the Vermont Food Venture Center in Hardwick, VT - a facility designed to incubate value-added  projects, and enrich our agricultural economy. Alpha Tolman has a buttery, fruit & nut flavor when young, developing bold  caramelized onion flavors as it matures. The texture is dense and pliant, easily portioned and ideal for melting: an ideal choice for fans of Apenzeller (or fondue!). Try pairing with a robust ale or plummy red wine. 
Reg. $20.99
Sale $18.99
You Save $2.00

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