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Cheese Shop Deals 7/15-7/21!

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Le Roulé with Garlic & Herbs (5.3 oz.)
Layered with an abundance of fresh herbs and minced garlic, this modern French cow's cheese is soft, fresh and spreadable; superb for appetizers and makes for an elegant addition to party offerings. Perfect for any occasion! Try serving with a glass of dry Sauvignon Blanc.
Reg. - $6.99 each
Sale Price - $3.99 each!

Mediterranean Herb-Rubbed Parmesan
This Parmesan is enrobed with the delightfully earthy flavors of tomato, extra virgin olive oil and a bold blend of herbs & spices. This hard Italian-style cheese is naturally aged for 10 months. During this time, Parmesan's buttery and nutty flavors are beautifully enhanced by the savory flavors of paprika, sesame seeds and garlic. It goes perfectly with pasta dishes and makes a nice addition to steamed vegetables or salads when paired with a spicy Sangiovese.
Reg. - $12.99/lb.
Sale Price - $6.99/lb.

Italian Montasio
Similar to Asiago, this semi-hard raw cow's milk cheese from the Friuli region of Italy is full of fruity, grassy, nutty character. Pleasantly sharp, Montasio is excellent grated over pasta or hearty soups. If you're feeling ambitious, you could make the traditional Italian dish "Frico", a fried pancake of potato and Montasio. To complete the meal, pair with a fruity Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.
Reg. - $23.99
Sale Price - $8.99/lb.

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!

Springbrook Farms Ashbrook
Ashbrook, a pungent Morbier-inspired beauty, is distinguished by the line of vegetable ash running through the center of the cheese. This cheese has a semi-soft, supple texture, and is lactic and bright with a decidedly funky finish. Try pairing with a slightly sour Berliner Weisse or an acidic Pinot Noir.

Reg. Price - $19.49/lb.
Sale Price - $18.49/lb
You Save - $1.00!

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