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Cheese Shop Deals 4/3-4/9!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Tillamook Medium Cheddar
This wonderful West coast cheddar is made with simple ingredients, and good old fashioned elbow grease. This cheddar is aged for 60 days giving it a full flavor and a velvety smooth and creamy texture. After winning more than 550 awards, who's to argue with the experts?
Reg Price: $5.99 ea.
Sale Price: $2.99 ea.

Doux De Montagne
Ripened in the age-old tradition, Doux de Montagne originates from the Monts du Velay region of France. Its name, means "soft" or "smooth (doux), "mountain" (montagne). It is a delightful cheese that pairs well with ales or light sparkling wines. Try it sliced on a sandwich, or as part of a cheese platter.
Reg Price: $16.99/LB
Sale Price: $8.99/LB

Grafton Village Grate Alpine Pecorino
This washed-rind cheese is made with 100% sheep's milk. Creating the perfect marriage of an Alpine- style cheese and an Italian pecorino. A beautiful balance of robust nutty and sweet flavors of the Alps, contrasted with the sharp salty notes one would get from a pecorino. This cheese is great for snacking or adding to a cheese plate, and is a wonderful alternative for cooking!
Reg Price: $16.99/LB
Sale Price: $10.99/LB

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!
Fairy Tale Farm, Will O' Wisp
Located in Bridport, VT, Fairy Tale Farm takes an old school approach to making cheese in a modern world. With very little modern farm machinery, they are able to create fun whimsical takes on the art of making cheese. Will O' Wisp is a great example of a fun innovative cheese being produced at this small Vermont farm. Named for the floating lights seen in the woods at night, that are thought to be fairies, this is a fuzzy basket cheese. It is relatively mild and made from a cow and goat milk mixture. Delicious!
Reg Price: $19.99/LB
Sale Price: $17.99/LB

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