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Naturally Good Kosher Monterey Jack Cheese 8oz
Naturally Good Kosher cheeses promote a healthy way of life. Their cheeses are 100% all natural and use no artificial additives or preservatives. Naturally Good Kosher Cheeses are also suitable for vegetarians and use no animal rennet. This Monterey Jack cheese is creamy, mild and melts well. Add to your favorite sandwich or quesadilla!
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Cabot Deli Bars Garlic & Herb or Tomato Basil
Cabot's Garlic & Herb Cheddar has hit almost a sublime balance of herbs, garlic and mild cheddar. It is a longtime favorite among Cabot fans and it's Lactose Free. The dill pairs nicely with crisp white wine, such as Pinot blanc, or try adding it to your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe.
For their Tomato & Basil Cheddar, Cabot has added a burst of summertime to their delicious cheddar! Their Lactose-Free Tomato Basil Cheddar is smooth cheddar blended with sweet tomatoes and a pop of basil. The mild cheddar is balanced with sweet tomatoes and herbal nuance. Toss chunks of this cheese with hot pasta or pair it with ripe olives for a fresh meal. 
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Emmi Emmentaler
This is the original Swiss cheese, world famous for its distinctive holes and singular flavor. The King of Cheese is made in 200 pounds wheels from fresh, raw milk produced by grass-fed cows and family farms. Firm yet supple, Emmi Emmentaler delivers a nutty flavor with slight acidity and a hint of herbs. This is certainly a wow factor on any table! 
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SALE $8.99/lb

Hoop Cheddar Cheese
Prior to 1850, nearly all cheese produced in the United States was cheddar. In the southern United States, a 22 pound traditional Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese wheel (hoop cheese), would be displayed on a counter and wedges would be cut from the wheel. The traditional golden hue of colored cheddars comes from the addition of annatto, a tasteless, odorless vegetable dye made from the seed of the annatto plant. As cheddar ages, its texture, flavor and performance change: mild cheddar has a firm, elastic texture. It slices, shreds and melts well.  Made with pasteurized cow's milk this young cheddar is semi-soft and mild making it a great addition to any cheese plate or recipe.
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