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Cheese Shop Deals 3/6- 3/12!

Posted by Taylor Barrera on

Cheese Shop Deals

House-Made Horseradish Spread
Made in house using Cabot's Horseradish trim and cream cheese, this spread is a welcome addition to any fridge! Great on a roast beef sandwich or livening up a breakfast sandwich, the spicy bite is sure to wake anyone up. A favorite here on a toasted bagel with smoked salmon, onion, and capers!
Reg Price- $7.99/LB
Sale Price- $5.99/LB
Save- $2/LB

Le Rustique Camembert
In 1974, Jean Verrier, was asked to produce a Camembert that was more outside of the realm of the traditional standards in Normandy, France. Pulling inspiration from experience and traditions he succeeded in creating Le Rustique! This wonderful French Camembert unveils a pleasant, slightly tangy fragrance, and a creamy texture. This distinctive cow's milk cheese is a delight to the senses.
Reg Price- $12.99 ea.
Sale Price- $3.99 ea.
Save- $9!

Edelweiss Raclette
Wonderfully aromatic with a mild, fruity and slightly nutty flavor, this wonderful cheese has many uses, both traditional and new age. Traditionally this cheese is melted and accompanied by small firm potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions, sliced meats, and of course bread, but there are many other applications! Macaroni and cheese is a great way to introduce this cheese to friends and family.
Reg Price: $16.99/LB
Sale Price: $10.99/LB
Save- $6/LB

Our Custom Cut Special of the Week!

Maple Smoked Farmstead Gouda,
Taylor Farm
In the words of Henry 'The Cheeseman' Tewksbury, author of Vermont Cheese, "Even smoked Gouda from Holand does not compare with the excellence of this local product." Taylor Farm, Maple Smoked Gouda has won First Place honors in the Smoked Cheese category at several American Cheese Society conferences and judging competitions. This cheese is slowly smoked using maple hardwood chips, which give the cheese a whole new dimension. This is milder than hickory-smoked, and is sure to delight
fans of rich smoky flavors!
Reg. Price$- $22.99/LB
Sale Price- $20.99/LB
You Save- $2/LB!

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